We focus our services on the entire process from strategy development to implementation, follow-up and subsequent improvement.  Actionable metrics and clear execution plans are an integral part of our way of thinking.

We find that the best way to make things happen is often to work as an integrated part of our clients’ team, keep it simple, create clarity and facilitate alignment and collaboration between key stakeholders.

Klinkby Enge

Anders and Bengt



“We believe trust is the precondition for all meaningful relations between people and companies. We build our team based on mutual trust, pursue customer relations built on trust and when in doubt we are guided by what’s the trustworthy thing to do. We build our practice around the principle that competence, integrity and benevolence are prerequisites of trust.

Competence is a precondition of trust because people need to know what they are talking about before you can trust them. That is one of the reasons we are a niche company that reinvests our earnings in research and development within a very narrow field, hire exceptional talent and emphasize vertical specialization rather than generalist competencies. We strive to become the best at what we do to earn the trust of our customers and colleagues.

Integrity is a precondition of trust because you need to believe that competent people use their knowledge fairly and tell you the truth. Therefore, we insist that mistakes or conflicts of interest are immediately shared and acted upon, so we can learn, improve and build a culture of integrity. We are transparent about our mistakes and potential conflicts of interest to earn the trust of our customers and colleagues.

Benevolence is a precondition of trust because you need to believe that people wish you well and take your best interest into account. Using this a guideline for who we hire, who we work for and how we behave contributes significantly to a sense of meaningfulness in the daily work and to building long-term relations with customers, employees and partners. We need to have the best interest of our customers and colleagues in mind for them to trust us.”

Anders Klinkby & Bengt Enge